Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Once I would like to hear......

Just once I would like to hear the following out of some presidential  candidates mouth:
Hi, I am so-so and I am running for President. You are probably wondering what I stand for and what I will do if elected so I am here to tell you the honest truth. I have no clue. I would tell you I will change the world and make it better but let's face it, the crystal ball broke so I have no idea if that is going to happen. I would like to tell you no new taxes but who am I kidding? We all know that's a lie. It can happen. I would like to tell you I will make sure that gas never goes above $2 again but unless some miracle happens, I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you. I would like to tell you that I will make it a law that everyone gets a $2 raise every year and everyone will have a job but I admit, that would be a lie too. I would tell you that I will end the war and never start one but there is always some jackass in another country that is stupid enough to test this theory out. I would like to tell you that I will never do anything wrong but I am human and I make mistakes.. big ones.. huge. I would like to tell you that if you vote for me it it will not be a mistake but I can't because it can be. We have no idea what the future brings. I can only say I will try and do a better job and try and fix the past and make the future brighter. If I win and I only get 4 years, well at least you were warned that this could be a mistake.
My friends, this is not for any certain party, it is not directed to anyone or anything, it's just something I would love to hear just once. If you are still reading this, you can like, comment, agree, disagree, and if you want, steal it for your own blog.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Wow! The nice people of bloggerville has revamped the blog. They added FONTS!! Anyone who knows me, knows I love me some new fonts! I even rotate fonts on my phone. Now for some of you, this might not be newsworthy but it is to me. I thought the template was good but nothing compared to fonts. I might actually blog more with  this new development. Right after I finish my nails which I started when I decided to check and see if my blog was even still around. Yes I am easily distracted at times and fonts will do it every time.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

labels with friends.

i learned how to do labels today. one of my best friends who i met on facebook taught me how to do this.
this friend is the best in the world. she is the type that i can text in the middle of the night and doesn't get mad, she could be on a date and she still will stop and respond. we bonded over having ms together, our love of dogs, our love for our own "fur kids" as we call them, and it progressed to blogging, talking, and most of all each others sounding boards.
she recently graduated from nursing school and passed the big test for the license. now she is going back to school to further her education and i couldn't be more proud or happier for her. she is an amazing lady, friend and nurse.
recently she asked if i would co-author with her on a blog. i said sure even though i have trouble keeping up on my own at times. she does get on me about that too. i said that i had no clue how she did those labels she does on her blog and she told me it was easy. type in the name of what you want to label at the bottom where it says labels. duh! i always saw it there but never knew that is what it was for. now i can label my little heart out.
hope you followers and bloggers enjoy this. .

weddings bring out the best in my family.

i come from a family of women on my dad's side of the family. we are all strong and highly opinionated. i guess a little background is in order here so you can understand the players and follow the drama that surrounds my family. 
on my dad's side, he has or had i guess is the correct term since he has passed away, a sister. his sister has 2 girls. my cousins are 15 and 10 years old than me. for the sake of privacy we can use the first letter of their names. my dad and his sister also have 2 younger cousins compliments of their father's younger brother. the younger one, m got, turned 59 in july. the older one, well i am not sure since i have not seen her since 1995-96??? maybe???
my older cousins, j and a (compliments of dad's sis) grew up and got married. j in 1980 and has 2 kids of her own. one is sort of my baby. l (first letters only, remember) is 15 years younger than me and in october will be getting married this october. my other cousin a, adopted a baby girl who is now 16 years old. cousin m, got married 11 years ago and got an instant family of 3 girls with her new husband. 2 of them were already college bond and the youngest was in high school. their mother had passed away some years before from ms. like all women who married a window with kids, the deceased spouse's things were still around the house. 
so you bloggers still there? bored yet? if not keep reading, if you are, keep reading because it gets better now that you have an idea of the players.
let's start with wedding number one. my cousin j's. she got married in 1980 and since she was the first in the family a big to-do was made. i think i was 9 at the time. well tempers went flying before the guest list was made. it started with her parents who were divorced. to this day they can't be in the same room together with out trying to kill each other. my aunt can hold a grudge forever!!! the fight was about who was paying, who was giving it, who's name was going to be on the invitation, why was the stepmother on it, why isn't the step father on it, and how in the hell did my grandparents get mixed up in this? to this day i am not sure how they got into this but they did and it sent my grandmother to the hospital. granted it was a short stay and more to bring everyone together but there really was nothing wrong with her. so days until the wedding and nothing has been resloved except that my family was invited, my grandparents, a couple thousand of their closest friends and their maid??!! don't ask. the only 2 who were not coming were the mother of the bride and her husband. at the 11th hour, they came to some kind of truce and showed up. 20 some odd years later, j was asking for a divorce and 2 days before it was to be signed, the future x died from a massive heart attack. thus making her a window who was already dating someone else and causing  the future bride, aka her daughter un-resloved issues of her own. 
in 1986 cousin  a gets married. this time instead of some big affair she got the small and not so silent wedding. it was small since my sister and i were not invited. ok it was a dig, sue me. you would do the same thing. silent, hell no! round 2 coming up this time minus grandpa. the man was smart to get out while the getting was good. 
parents of the bride fought, threaten, and who knows what else. this was also a marriage not made in heaven. the bride and her husband fought too. a wanted a baby very badly and tired for many years. after many years of fighting over not being able to have kids, her inlaws dying and her husband tried to end the marriage. in a's case that was not happening, so she adopted a baby much to her husband's dismay. the little girl was born and adopted into more problems than she could need and 16 yrs after the adoption, living with 2 people who did try and kill each other on a daily basis, watching their long and drawn out divorce,  will become the master manipulator like her darling adoptive father who did not want her but puts up a wonderful custody battle for her. 
fast forward to my sister's wedding. cousin j was in the middle of a messy divorce, my dad was slowing dying, my grandmother had been in and out of the hospital and any little stress would put her over the edge, my aunt well, i am sure she did something to tick my sister off, my sister and i fought at the end of her wedding (that is all i can say on that. sorry!), 
and cousin a was having issues because she was 40 something, divorced and not allowed a date for the wedding and said no date, not coming. 
well this didn't sit well with my grandmother who was already upset over j's divorce, my sister was getting married before me ( personally i was pretty cool with it. better her than me.) i had no date for the wedding (again was not upset over that either. like i want to babysit all night??) and a and her daughter were not coming unless she had a date. oh and let me say grandma would never have known any of this if a didn't go and tattle on us like a baby. so grandma appeals to my sister and asked her to let a bring a date. turns out grandma got a's x-husband to escort her. so now she has a date. 
next one, me. i fought with my mom over the location, fought over the fact that a priest was involved (hub is catholic, you had to know that was coming.), fought over the fact the church was first for the goys and opted for a 2nd one for the jews in the joint, fought over who was walking me down the aisle, fought over the guest list, and the best fight of all, the seating chart. i have 2 other cousins that my aunt does not speak with. no, don't worry we are not going there because that is a longer story. anyway, when seating time came my mom wanted to put the 2 other ones at another table, which would have totally unbalanced my O.C.D as we know it. in my mom's eyes she thought that if she put them somewhere else then no one would fight. personally at this point i was thinking that if they fought it would give the goys some much needed entertainment. so i made her sit them at the table. granted it was a tense evening but somehow they all got through it. i on the other hand, used a lot of champagne.
cousin m and her husband recently walked the youngest down the aisle. their youngest was a little bitch about the wedding. all m asked for was to be at the dress finding. not to much to ask for, right? well the little darling said ok and soon wedding preps were started. the night of the wedding looked like a fairy tale come true. however behind the scenes was a whole different story. the bride did not want m, her step mother, the woman who raised her, did her laundry, cared for her, in the wedding pictures. at least not in the family pictures. at the time our side of the family had no idea what was happening. everything looked great, food was wonderful, wedding cake was to die for, people were having a great time. except for m whose only happy memory of the wedding was when we were with her. when we were not with her, m would pop into the ladies room and cry, when she wasn't yelling at her husband for the way she was being treated. 
now we come to the next one in line for wedded bliss. the baby, l, is getting married. like all wedding that have come before her, this one is no exception to drama. 
the bridezilla has decided to have a destination wedding in a winery in the sanoma valley in california. she has decided only certain people are allowed to walk down the aisle, only certain people are allowed to be there and by certain people, i mean her mother's boyfriend (father died in 2005). her mother and her boyfriend have been together for 6 years or so and have never gotten along. why? beats me. bridezilla has issues. 
anyway the drama started with him not being invited, not being allowed near the state of california, not sharing the details of the wedding with her mother and the grandmother of the bride having issues of who she is walking down the aisle with. that conversation started at her bridal shower to which everyone ended up getting into the drama. what can i say, my family can't help but butt in at times. 
needless to say it was an interesting bridal shower. 
the show "bridezaillas" has nothing on my family. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

3 year olds. what the hell do you do with them??

most of you know i have a nephew who i hope one day will read this blog and realize that life can suck and it can be great. well right now life is sure sucking for him. 
the little guy turned 3 this year and it seems like he skipped the terrible 2's and made it the terrible 3's!!! 
my poor sister has no clue what to do anymore. he doesn't want to listen to her or my brother in law,  temper tantrums are an everyday thing, he does not want to eat at meal time, he doesn't want his mother to eat either, he thinks the dog is a horse and wants to ride her, he chases the dog around and it's killing the poor pup who just wants to relax. taking him out in public is slowly becoming harder to do. my sister has finally mastered the word "no" and "time out" but this little guy has his own plans here. i am suppose to babysit the little guy over labor day weekend. well, not the whole weekend thank goodness. let's face it, if i had him for the whole weekend i think his sippy cup would not be filled with milk but with some good old fashion wine! don't worry, i would give him the kosher stuff so not to tamper with the upbringing. 
i am not sure if i can deal with a meltdown. i have a 36 year old who has them daily and that's more than i can deal with. so how do i handle a 3 year old? i do know that i am not a pushover and i won't give in to his demands. he maybe good about getting what he wants but he will be up against the master here. i don't want to be the bad aunt either, i am bucking for the favorite aunt role here! so what do i do?? let him cry? give it? buy him something? take him to the nearest bar and have a drink? help!!! 
this is why i have lucky. somedays she is easier to raise. 

men and birthdays

what is it with men and birthdays? i understand everyone hates to get older. hell, i freaked out at 30! granted every year after that kind of sucked but at some point even i got over it. when i turned 40 i was shouting it from the rooftops. i loved it and will forever celebrate the 40th over and over again until i turn 50. then it will be a major party in my book!!! let's face it, it is a key birthday that deserves the highest of honors and prezzies!!! right? 
ok where was i going with this? oh! my husband and his 36th birthday. 
yesterday was his birthday and he did not take it too well. every year we go through the same thing. he wants a fuss, he doesn't, he wants cards, he doesn't, he wants everyone to remember, he doesn't. this all started when he turned 30. now granted i understand part of it but he takes this one step further. he goes for the full depression. i am still not sure after all these years why but i try not to let his mood damped the day. it is the one day of the year that i do grant his "all about me" mode so i do what i can to help make it better for him. in his mind he is not young anymore, the body is changing, he isn't where he thought he would be in life at this age (like who really is?), he can't do the same things he could 10 years ago (seriously who would want to?) and the fact he is now one step closer to 40. 
the day before did not help his mood either. ace is a cancer in the zodiac world to my scorpio so you can see where this gets tricky. anyway the day before he had a little altercation at work and he let it bother him to the point that it became better than it needed to be. true cancer if you ask me. i'll give you the cliff note version: 2 techs, 1 husband and a stupid joke that backfired. get the picture? thought so. remember when i say techs i am talking automotive so i am sure you understand. 
so he let it get bigger and i got pissed because, why let it ruin your weekend. i mean i know it wasn't going to ruin theirs and i sure as hell wasn't going to let it ruin mine. so i tried to explain this to him and in the end i told him to fuck off. wrong words to say to someone when they are already pissed but oh well. we fought as normal and finally i was able to tell him that what he is doing is giving them the satifaction of being upset and that this was not worth it. karma comes home and to just let it be. he actually listened to me and dropped the subject. 
funny thing, the next the he got his bday wish, karma came home and one tech got it in the end. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

the week from hell and hell only...

as in the last blog i was stuck with a sick husband who, yes, got me sick. it only took him 12 hours for this to happen. a new worlds record for him since he normally takes his sweet ass time for ANYTHING. which reminds me, he went into the bedroom because he has a headache and he normally does not do that one. hang on folks, i need to check if he is dead or not. brb. 
i'm back and no he is not dead. however he is asleep and breathing which means he will be awake very early and will wake me up. G-D DAMN IT!!!!!!!!
this is part of my week from hell. after he got me sick, my beloved laptop got sick too. i have no idea what happen, how it happen or if i did it. all i know is that i could not connect to the internet no matter what i did. at that time i was still using dial up and was pretty pissed with AOL. they told me it was a modem problem and to call dell. dell said it was not a modem problem and call AOL. aol said it was their fault and service would be back in 24 hrs. 
let me tell you, having all this happen on a saturday of all days especially when i am already sick with a cold and can't breathe to save my life is not good. all i could think of was trying to get through the next 24 hrs and i would have some kind of service. also all i could think of was new ways to kill my husband for getting me sick. not to mention the jackass was going around saying, "but i feel better!!" sure you feel better you asshole, you gave me your sicko germs!!! 
yes catching his cold is still a sore point with me and always will be. it now goes on the list of things he will never be forgiven for. especially since at this point i had a week to get well because i had my cousin's wedding the following weekend. 
well after 24 hrs i tried to log on again. and again no luck. both dell and AOL swearing up and down it was the other's fault. i screamed at dell that their warranty i purchased during the "great laptop crash of 2011" sucked, i screamed at aol that they were nothing but garbage and i screamed at my husband because he was there and i can. 
come monday morning i decided that was it i was biting the bullet and getting someone to install some kind of internet. a little google and i found someone. funny thing it was the same company my old neighbors across the street were using until they forgot to pay the bill and got cut off. i used to scam off their router many times. so i knew this company could hook me up. hook me up they did with a sweet deal. since i had no loyality to my phone service i dumped them on the spot and bundled up with some high speed internet for the same price as i was paying for a phone. i figured if i am dumping them, f**k if i am paying them this month for next month. time was arranged and we were in business. 
i wish i could say the rest of the week followed as well but we are talking about me here and that never would happen. maybe in a fairy tale. 
at this point i was still on my quest to breathe. not to mention my quest in returning a pair of shoes for something i liked better. well since breathing came first, i hit walgreens. almost literally since i sneezed as i was pulling into a parking spot. trust me, they would have and always deserve it. so i make my way to the cold section only to find out that sudefed is now kept under lock and key. really??!! are you serious?!! yes! i go up to the counter (after waiting 15 minutes in line) and i ask for a box. i figured she would hand it over, i pay and that would be it. no. i have to show my id. why? well it seems that sudefed is the main ingredient in crystal meth. who knew? the girl tells me i have to sign something saying that this is being used for the intended purpose and will not hold walgreens responsible in any way. 
seriously? do i look like i was in any condition to make crystal meth? all i wanted was to breathe again. and let's be honest here, cooking crystal meth falls into any kind of cooking in my book and cooking anything is never on my list of things to do. EVER!! so i think we were all pretty safe on that one. 
anyway at this point the stress was building in the house. i was sick, i have no internet, my computer was not working, my husband was driving me nuts and now he is stressing because i am sick and have no computer and i am  rushing around making sure everything is getting done to attend my cousin's wedding in now 5 days. 
things were going ok until we hit wednesday when my husband had to get his haircut and mow his parents lawn. (lawn is another story here for a later date)
this was scheduled to happen after work but when daddy calls he runs. mostly because he wanted to discuss our upcoming vacation with them. so after a little juggling he goes at noon for a haircut, i go and pick up the wedding gift, a card, some nail polish for my toes and off the the rents. all that got discussed was mowing the lawn. 
oh well maybe next time. right now my goal is to get home, give myself a pedi and dye my hair. i get that all done and fall into an exhausted and not restful sleep. the husband is on a toss and turn binge and can't sleep so i suffer for it. this had been going on for over a week and was not fun. i am not nice when i do not get my sleep. so come thursday i am not good. 
oh i am getting a little a head of myself here. since i could not get my laptop to work and i had scheduled the internet guy for thursday, i needed a back up plan. so i did what anyone else would do in a hurry, i bought a new laptop. well, it was more like a mini notebook with windows 7 starter that did nothing for me and since i could not make lucky my background pic i was really pissed. plus i paid for over night shipping to make sure it was there before thursday. needless to say when i opened the box i was not happy. not to mention the damn thing was so small i could not read a fucking thing. 
so let's add that to my stress level, shall we? i was scheduled for the last appointment of the day so at 2pm i get this call saying he was on the way. what?!?!?! no that wasn't going to work. i, like a dumbass who has been on sudefed way too long, told my husband about this. his solution, well let's leave work. ahhh no we are not leaving. this was not was promised to me. after a lot of fast talking, i got the guy to show at 4:15. so he drills holes into my house and we try to hook my laptop up. no dice. meanwhile, i have a husband who wants dinner, a dog who wants dinner and to say hello to her new friend and a laptop that i am told has no dirvers which is why it will not connect. that was good news since now i knew why it crapped in the first place. so we use the small stupid not staying with me for long notebook and presto i have internet for the first time. 
this should have been a happy moment but no. i have to run back to walgreens when this was done to pick up hubby's other meds because he is getting sick again. 
granted i did not want to go but seeing an hour of peace and quite was worth it. 
i go, come home and of course we fight. seriously about nothing really. just a weeks worth of stress came bubbling up and out. to keep from really killing him this time, i opted out of fighting and just sat by myself until bed time. now you would think 2 people who were exhausted and under some knock out drugs would sleep, right? nope. toss, turn, bounce and have some kind of nightmare was on his agenda. no sleep for you!!!!!!
so i am one hell of a crab on friday plus i still have things to do before the day is out. like double check with the internet company about the following thursday's phone installation, mani, bank, cancel aol and tell them what a piece of shit they are and grocery shop. 
i made the decision that i would not worry about my laptop until after the wedding. so friday night i did nothing. it was good. 
we went to alissa's wedding and it was beautiful. my killer looking shoes did not kill me!!! 
sunday i got dell to wipe my laptop and i am now in working order again then i fought with dell to return the other one, i won and life as i know it is getting back to some kind of peaceful moments. well until my husband wakes up at midnight and realized he can't go back to sleep. that might turn into the "i killed him, finally" blog. 
the best news i did get was that one of my best friends graduated nursing school and is now an official RN!! way to go!!!! she worked long and hard for it and i couldn't be happier or any prouder!!!!! she is going to make an amazing nurse and probably change her number after me texting her so many medical questions. LOL
until next time....